• Window Cleaning

    Joe Clean Window Cleaning

    For window cleaning I use purified water created using reverse osmosis and deionisation technology, removing all traces of dissolved minerals and impurities. When this water evaporates your windows are left streak free and crystal clear. The service includes the cleaning of windows, frames, reveals and lower sills.

    Indoor window cleaning is also provided – pricing for indoor window cleaning is normally charged at the same rate as external window cleaning plus the cost of cleaning any internal glass panels that may be required.

    • Water-fed Pole cleaning system, for high-reach and difficult to access windows
    • HOT Pure Water, no detergents, leaving them clear of smears and streaks
    • Windows, frames, reveals and lower sills, PVC doors every time
    • Indoor, Conservatory, and other cleaning services available
    • Covered by public liability insurance
    • No risk guarantee
    • JoeClean every time!
  • Service Front Whole House Whole + Inside Deep Clean
    Outside Windows
    Frames & Sills
    Front Door (PVC)
    All Windows, Frames & Doors
    Roof Skylights
    Inside Windows
    Inside Frames
    All Frame Edges
    Mechanisms Oiled
    Bungalow £5 £10 £40 £65
    Two/Three Bedroom £10 £15 £55 £85
    Three/Four Bedroom £12 £20 £60 £95
    XLarge Please call for quote
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  • FAQs

    Can you clean without soap?

    Yes! Pure Water cleaning technology is the most reliable way to clean windows. Pure H2O is known as the universal solvent, and many substances disolve in it. In nature 100% pure water is rare since it will have disolved other elements, like Minerals and Salts (hence mineral water). When used for cleaning windows, the dust and grime particles are disolved into the water, leaving the glass crystal clear. See Wikipedia: Properties of Water

    Will Pure Water clean my windows as well as the old method?

    Yes. In fact, Pure Water cleaning using water-fed pole is better than conventional methods, producing a better cleaning result, as it will not leave streaks or spotting on your glass. Neither will it leave any sticky soap residue on the glass which conventional methods do. Your windows stay and look cleaner for longer!

    What's wrong with tap water?

    Tap water is "dirty" for cleaning purposes. It contians trace elements known as Total Dissolved Solids or TDS, which is why detergents are normally requied to soften the water. Pure water attracts dirt like a magnet. So when the windows and frames have been washed and rinsed with Pure water, no residue or dirt is left behind and the water dries naturally without leaving nasty streaks or major spotting. Tap water typically contains: Chlorine, Fluorine compounds, Trihalomethanes (THMs), Salts of: arsenic, radium, aluminium, copper, lead, mercury, cadmium, barium; Hormones, Nitrates, Pesticides.

    Do I need to supply a water tap?

    No. I carry pre-purified water in special tanks within the van, which has been specially adapted with various hose outlets. The process of purifying water, known as reverse osmosis, takes many hours, so water must be transported to each property. This water is also fed through a heater to deliver hot water with every wash!

    Can you clean the window above my conservatory, or roof windows?

    Yes. I can safely reach all windows above conservatories, including velux roof windows from the ground using our Water Fed Poles. I can also clean over obstacles such as pitched roofs making most windows accessible for cleaning. In fact, there aren't many places Water Fed Poles can't reach!

    Will I need to be in when my windows are cleaned?

    No. There's no need to be at home when I clean your windows. If you're not in at the time we clean, I will put a note through your door to advise. As I respect your privacy, Payment can be made in various ways, without us having to call back during the evenings, giving you time to relax!

    Do you offer a guarantee?

    Yes. If within 48 hours there are any problems with our workmanship, please call me and I will gladly rectify this free of charge.

    Can you clean in the rain?

    Yes. Rain water in the UK is normally very clean. Therefore, once the dirt is washed away using the Pure Water system, rain water won't leave dirty marks.

    Do you use ladders

    No. I work safely from the ground using a water-fed pole system, thus eliminating potential accidents with falling ladders and damage to property.

    How often should my windows be cleaned?

    This is entirely up to you, however, the longer you leave it the dirtier they will be, and potentially cost more to clean. I recommend cleaning once a month, resulting in 12 cleans a year. Another option is bi-monthly, 6 times a year.

  • Window Cleanings with Frame and Sill

    1. Before

      Build up of dirt

    2. During

      Cleaning using Pure Water and brush

    3. After

      All grime removed, left clean

    1. Before

      Years of grime and dirt

    2. After

      Good as new

    3. How it works

      Using specialised brushes combined with hot water. Even the toughest dirt can come off. If anything is left on the frames of sills after using the brush, using "magic sponges" will completely remove any tough marks or stains left.

    1. Before

      Stained window sill

    2. After

      Left free from stains

    3. Perfect Complete Cleans

      With every window clean, I make sure that the frames and sill are also clean. This ensures that the windows do actually look clean, rather than just the glass.

    1. Before

      Dirty window frame

    2. After

      Cleaned to perfection

    3. Perfect Complete Cleans

      Not only the frames and glass are left clean, but the sills too! Any paint drops or tough stains easily removed.

    1. Before

      Conservatory door

    2. After

      Left completely clean and white

    3. Doors

      Bottoms of doors and the step/sill is also cleaned. This includes front doors, side doors and conservatory doors.