• Conservatory Cleaning

    Joe Clean Conservatory Cleaning

    Using the same Pure water systems as that on the windows, I can leave the roof of your conservatory free from dirt and algi. With a 27' reach, the points and decorations on your conservatory roof will also get the JoeClean without the need for ladders and potentially damaging your property!

    Interior conservatory cleaning is also provided – using traditional methods of scrim and polisher reaching those places you'd never thought of.

    • 27' Water-fed Pole cleaning system
    • HOT Pure Water, no detergents, pulling off the algae.
    • Windows, frames, gutters and decor* included
    • Interior Conservatory cleaning available
    • Covered by public liability insurance
    • No risk guarantee
    • JoeClean every time!
  • Service Roof Outside Whole Whole + Inside Deep Clean
    Roof Panels
    Roof Decor
    All Windows, Frames & Doors
    Inside Windows
    Inside Frames
    All Frame Edges
    Mechanisms Oiled
    Conservatory Size
    Small £5 £10 £30 £45
    Medium £5 £15 £45 £55
    Large £10 £20 £55 £65
    XLarge £10 £20 £65 £80
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  • Conservatory Cleaning FAQs

    Do you need to use ladders?

    Cleaning the outside of the conservatory, no ladders will be used as I will only used the pole system. However when I clean the inside, to access the ceiling of the conservatory, they will be necessary.

    Do you need to be on the roof?

    At no point when cleaning your conservatory will I stand on your roof. Conservatory roofs tend to be plastic or large panes of glass. Not a good idea to walk on them.

    Will the pure water clean my conservatory roof?

    I will be using Hot pure water, combined with a specialised brush for the pole to really pull off the grime and dirt. It will leave the conservatory as clean as new.

    Can you clean in the rain?

    Conservatories can be cleaned in the rain. It will mostly be thick dirt being pulled off the windows and roofs, so they will be noticeably cleaner despite rain or shine.

    Is the price in the table fixed?

    The price stated in the table is a minimum fixed price. This price is based on the fact the conservatory is regularly maintainined.

    Are there any extra costs other than stated?

    Possibly, yes. If you conservatory has not been maintained and/or cleaned in the past few months, the build up of firt will be much greater, increasing the time taken to clean it. Furthermore, special requirements may be required also. For expample, blinds inside the conservatory to be cleaned.

    Will I have to empty my conservatory?

    When I come to see you for a no obligation consultation, we can discuss all aspects of the cleaning process.

    To avoid breakages and allow ease of access to all areas, I advise to remove small of valuable items, larger items such as tables, chairs large ornaments I can work around and cover to keep perfectly clean.

  • Conservatory cleaning with gutters

    1. Before

      Build up of dirt & algea

    2. During

      Cleaning using Hot Pure Water and special brush

    3. After

      All surface grime removed

    1. Before

      Build up of green algea

    2. During

      Cleaning using Pure Water and brush

    3. After

      All surface grime removed

    1. Before

      Dark Dull and Dirty

    2. After

      Clean and Light again

    3. Peter Hayes said:

      "Fantastic job! Courteous, efficient and effective service."

      "His work has transformed our conservatory roof!"